Ways to Celebrate Your Body Shape through Fashion

Due to runways and magazines showcasing slender models, it is a common misconception that fashion is meant only for the skinny, tall girls. Everyone else, with their unique body shape, is deemed not physically capable of fashion. This mind set even leads to people changing their body shape through surgery and unhealthy diets in order to fit fashion stereotypes. Gradually, this has evolved into a universal obsession to fit one specific shape of beauty.

The reality is fashion, for many, was made as a weapon to celebrate you—what you are inside and out. There is no need to change yourself to fit fashion, because it is a concept that can be shaped to fit you.  In fact, many fashion experts utilize fashion to enhance an individual’s body features. From wearing black to wearing stripes, there is always accentuation involved.

From, here are ways to celebrate your body type through fashion:

Beauty Hunt

The first thing to do is to spot your strongest features. What do you like about your body or what do you think is your best feature? Whether they are your beautiful blue eyes or your long legs, you have to make a mental note. Once you find at least one beauty spot, it is time to work around it. This will be the core of your visual confidence, and focusing on it will encourage you to see more positive aspects of yourself.

For instance, if you like the shape of your lips, showcase them by coloring them a soft pink or red. You can then match this with a similar shade on your shoe or nails. Then keep everything else one color or neutral.

Contour Yourself

Contour is usually handy when doing make up, but most do not know that this can also be used in dressing up. Basically, the key aspects of contouring is shade what you dislike, and highlight what you like. It is a simple, visual illusion that can boost your self-image.

For instance, if you are too conscious about your thick thighs, try to find jeans that are shaded darker on the places you want slimmer and lighter near the ankles. This will help make your thick thighs appear thinner.

Fashion Fingerprint

In all of this, it is still paramount that you find a look that you can confidently call your own. It is like a fingerprint, and no one can pull off this look better than you. It is customized to your shape, size, age and personality. When you finally find your fashion fingerprint, it changes your perception on how you react to trends, or body image. Instead of wanting to be someone you see in magazines or runways, you see the clothes in relation to how it fits you.


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