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  • By Joining our team your Boutique will be added to our Market Place and or
  • Create and manage your own Store page where you can sell both full price and discounted items
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  • Pay smaller selling fees than on Amazon or eBay and other overstocked Outlets.

Top 10 Reasons to Partner with Us and Start Branding Your Business

1. We are on a mission…to be a Power House Online community!

2. Big Labels continue to dominate the online marketplace —-team up with us so you can begin playing on a level field. Don’t get left behind.

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4. Positive energy, support and guidance along the way from our team of experienced, professional fashion and retail leaders.

5. We give you the freedom you need to focus on your product –whether you are a designer or a boutique with a brand–From our Custom Design Team, Marketing, Branding to our fashion photographer and model team.

6. Get noticed-Having a hard time getting noticed on E-bay? Having a hard time getting your brand noticed? Amazon? or Another retail overstocked channel? We have a strategy to align the boutiques and products to complement each other where they can get noticed.

7. Having a difficult time selling your products on your own online store??Don’t have the budget for a SEO campaign or a Email Campaign? By joining our team you will be adopted in our online community.
You will also have the option to join in on our Social Media Marketing campaign for little or no money to get the exposure you need in the Must Have Media World.

8. Don’t have time to get Fashionably Social-No time for blogging? Here at Subscribetofashion we believe in being Fashionably Social. Through our online community -we do not miss a beat. From Blogs to RSS feeds to Inspiring Online Communities For Fashion & Clothing Marketing–Facebook, Twitter Instagram Pintrest and more-you don’t have time we will make time…

9. Don’t want to be glued to your computer. You don’t have to worry about the details of the Brick and Mortar of e-commerce. Instead focus on branding and selling your product….and let us grow your business

10. We have a strategic plan already in place that allows you to access our combined marketing and sales power. We are on the cutting edge of social media and todays trends and technology. You don’t have to fight the battle alone or try to re-create the wheel. It has never been easier for you to sell your clothing and accessories.


We invite you to join our journey.

If you are a boutique with a brand retailer or designer interested in selling with us today, we want to talk to you.

We are now taking reservations for all Chic Categories–Limited reservations for each category. Reserve your space today.

We are experiencing a high number of inquiries,but we will get back to you promptly.We look forward to speaking with you personally. We are excited to talk to you on a personal level and explain our simple process.


For the Fine Print.

We are passionate at what we do. We are inspired daily by the fashion surrounding us and real people around the world. On that note we have to be selective. We are looking for a good fit! We are looking for Partners that see a value in our model.  

We want you to make money because when you do we do!                                              

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