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How to Accessorize with January Garnet – with Allie & Orietta

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I bet you didn’t know Garnet jewels make excellent January Birthdays, Anniversary & Valentines gifts among couples. Garnet is known to increase intimacy and attraction among couples, lighting up their romance like blazing fires.

With Valentines day around the corner,here is a idea to make your jewels stand out.

Wear them on a special occasion and be sure to make a statement.

When it comes to romance and fashionindividuals tend to opt for a set of colors based on their mood. Garnet stones, and their intense red color, go with almost anything.

  • Red: Valentine’s Day, it is vital that you incorporate red into your outfit. Make sure not to overdo it! If your dress is already embellished, just like your jewelry, then your outfit will look far too busy. If you are wearing a red cocktail dress, add a set of Garnet earrings or a pendant and opt for a subtle bracelet. If your gift is a ring, then you can still experiment with neck pieces. If your outfit has a metallic color (like the photo shown below), your garnet accessories will stand out (courtesy of McKynlie Designs).see photo


  • Black: Always a classic option for Valentine’s Day, a hot sexy color year-round and paired with Garnet jewelry will definitely make a statement.  Carry your outfit with the confidence and elegance that black stands for, and add your Garnet jewels for color and  you’re good to go. Like the elegant black dress shown, from classic designer & friend, McKynlie.


  • White:Any accessory that is worn with the color white will look tasteful. White, being the lighter color, naturally highlights other darker shades. Your garnet accessories will ensure that your outfit looks put together all day long.

You could opt for a side hairdo if garnet earrings are what you will be wearing as it will lay more emphasis on your look. Don’t opt for a collar or crew neck shirt while wearing a pendant. Instead, a V-neck or a plunge style will accentuate the jewelry.

With these few tips, you can expect to get the most out of your  garnet jewelry. Garnets truly give your look  a delightful touch that can be used not only on Valentine’s Day, but all throughout the year.


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