Fall Season Opportunities



Fall is one of my favorite seasons of the year.  Leaves changing colors, flowering plants at full bloom, and weather encourage me to come out and play.  It’s never too early to plan for some outdoor fun and physical activity for the whole family.  Come celebrate autumn the way!

1.     Biking around your neighborhood is a great outdoor activity for the whole family to enjoy.  With the right shoes and comfortable spandex capris or biker’s shorts.

2.     Organize a pot-luck Bon Fire.  Oysters on an open fire is our favorite, among many other dishes in which friends contribute.  Early to mid-fall evening air is uplifting.

3.     Pumpkin picking can be a great activity, especially if you come home to carve it.

4.     Hayrides are a blast for kids of most ages.  Older kids still have fun watching and hanging out with other older kids.

5.     Whether it’s walking to your neighborhood library or to a farmer’s market, Fall offers you some of the prettiest trees to enjoy while you are walking.

6.     Go camping or rock climbing.  You won’t have to deal to much with mosquitoes and heat.

7.     Attend a football game…one of our weekly events during the Fall because my husband and I are teachers.  Cheering for your favorite team can be exhilarating, especially if you are LOUD!

8.     And, if you are into football, tailgating can be a spectacular experience.  Living near several universities, we try to attend a few each year.  I love shopping the locals on the strips near the stadium, which can be a work out in itself.  But there’s something about the chilly air and bright lights, concession stands in concession, and the mobs of people walking to and fro that really should be enjoyed in cooler weather.

9.     For the crafty and creative folks, create a wreath for Thanksgiving or Christmas.  It won’t be too hard to find pine cones, acorns, fall flowers, and ribbon at this time of year.  Don’t forget your glue gun and a place to put the glue gun down when not using it.  Glue guns can be extremely dangerous for all ages since the metal tip gets so hot, use caution and monitor kids under 14, in my case.

10.  Visit fall festivals in your town or in a nearby one.  Host or attend a fall festival with fun games, crafts, and prizes!  For me, one of the best times of the year to walk table to table, event to event in our local fall festival.  I love the herb tent where I can smell the rosemary and mints of all kinds.  Cooler weather also means less swatting at bugs and more food tasting.

11.  And, on those chillier morning, grab yourself a smooth cup of coffee and enjoy some Fall Fashion Shopping with us at




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