DIY Ombre Lips

DIY Ombre Lips

Recently, Ombre lips have been flocking the runway and magazine spreads. With this phenomenon, make up is transforming into a true art form. Ombre refers to a very similar gradation of color that evolves from lightest to darkest, beginning at the center of the mouth. It is usually outlined by a darker shade of lip pencil or lipstick to fake fuller lips. Mixing and matching different colors, and creating variation in shades, it can greatly change your face and mood of an overall look.

It all seems complicated, but in reality achieving Ombre lips is really easy. All you need is a lip brush, at least two lipsticks (one should be darker), powdered glimmer and the following steps from your very own fashion guide,

1. Put on your Lipstick

Don’t worry if you have a hard time getting it perfect right off the bat because you can still fix it up. To avoid feathering or bleeding, exfoliating and then conditioning your lips is recommended.

2. Line your Lips with the Darker Lipstick color or Lip Liner

When doing this, pay special attention to the corners of your lips. Pull the pencil in slightly more toward the center of your lip and then blend a darker shade over it. You can blend the liner into the medium lipstick by drawing really short, feathery strokes from the outside in. Leave room in the absolute visible center of your lips, work a lip brush outwards with a lighter shade in the same color family to add even more dimension and fullness.

DIY Ombre

For a more natural effect, choose a pencil shade that is darker than your natural lip tone, a lipstick that is closest to your natural lip and one that’s a shade or two lighter to bring focus to the center of the lips.

3. Add the highlight

Take your brush and the light powdered glimmer and dab a little right in the middle of your lips, upper and lower, almost in a little circle. Blend it out with the brush or blot it out with your finger. You can see that once you’ve blended everything together, it ends up being a subtle but gorgeous effect.

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