Fold Over Handle Studded Clutch (3)

Clutch Your New Clutch

Some interesting news from BIRMINGHAM, England —Apparently  Queen Elizabeth II distributed purses of specially minted “Maundy” money at a different cathedral as part of a centuries-old Easter tradition.

In a ceremony dating to the 12th Century, she gave out purses to 63 men and 63 women–one for each year of her life–who were chosen as community leaders in England’s second largest city.  5,000 people watched as she gave out the purses, each containing 63 pence ($1.08), at St. Philip’s Cathedral in 1989.  

Each year a different cathedral is chosen for the ceremony, which is always held on Maundy Thursday, the Thursday before Easter.

Here at, we are obsessed with bringing you original clutches and handbags.  My sister and I own the bejeweled turquoise clutch.  It is so roomy and sleek.  We  love ours.  

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