Breaking the Fashion Stereotype

Breaking-Free from the Fashion Stereotype

Is fashion profound? This age-old question returns as we think of the stereotypes that the community behind the fashion industry—designers, models, and consumers—has to struggle with. Seen as the product of capitalism and vanity, society often views the fashion community as empty-headed vessels that only care about how they look.

Indeed, it remains a debatable issue, for there are still fashion people tied to the misconception that fashion is only dedicated to superficial aspects such as what you’re wearing and how expensive it is. This attitude leads to wanting whatever luxurious fashion item is in the market, to the extent that people think they are buying themselves a gorgeous dress along with a higher status.

To fully understand fashion, this fallacy needs to change. People need to break free from this stereotype and understand fashion not as a system of hierarchy based on money, but as a way to self-discovery. Knowing how to find a piece of clothing that best suits you is a lesson in life that everyone should go through. It is more than being the prettiest or the sexiest person in the room, it is also knowing what feels right for you—what colors do you like, what fabrics best suits your personality, or who are the designers that seem to read your mind and produce garments your soul desires. In short, what kind of clothes makes you feel like you?

Breaking the Fashion Stereotype 2

The problem is many people believe they know nothing about fashion just because they can’t afford items on the trending list, hence they don’t even see the point of trying. However, they seem to shy away from the fact that the root of the problem is always their self-perception, and taking time to figure out the mess inside.

At, our goal is to inspire every individual to see fashion in a different light. The truth about fashion is that it is what you make of it. We believe that if you want to buy the most expensive designers simply because it labels you as well-off, then that is what defines you. It will work as a glamorous mask that conceals the contents of who you are. However, if you choose to dress in a style that celebrates your inner being, the mind and soul will combine to emerge your inner BUTTERFLY. This is when you become truly and unforgettably “fashionable.

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