February Birthstone, Amethyst

Accessorizing With Amethyst-Allie & Orietta

amethyst ring

Amethyst is the February birthstone that ranges from light violet with pink hues all the way to a deep purple. Its natural, vivid purple color is what ranks the gem among favorite stones such as the diamond, ruby, emerald, etc. The Amethyst is a mineral quartz, the second most abundant mineral on earth. It is found in Brazil, Siberia, Zambia, and other various countries. Its divine charisma made the use of the gemstone exclusive to royalty since before the early eighteenth century. It was thought to be a rare gem. But, even long after eighteenth century, Amethyst stone continues to maintain as a precious stone within the fashion industry.
How to Dress It Down Using Amethyst Jewelry
If you are looking for a laid back look and vibe, a simple set of earrings with Amethyst and Fuchsia color stones or crystals, can easily put together any simple outfit, such as a t-shirt (like this fun one seen here with a fun phrase from our friends at Custom Sparkle Tees) and jeans.


chandelier amethyst and fuchsia earrings

How to Dress It Up with Amethyst
You can wear Amethyst color jewelry to fancy outings, such as a dinner to a highly rated restaurant, or possibly to work on an important day. Amethyst jewelry is to be paired with non-busy dresses, so that the jewelry can grab all of the attention. The key is to pair the violet color with another color that creates high contrast, such as a yellow or orange. This ring is perfect for those occasions, when you want to wear your beautiful amethyst jewelry and still look very elegant. amethyst ring

How We Can Help
The fashion accessories you choose should not control what you wear; you should be able to make it blend naturally with what you have. We will make you handcrafted jewelry that fits perfectly with your preferences. We are experts in creating handcrafted jewelry and we can help make your birthstone jewelry for all occasions. Therefore, we would love to talk to you about how to create an exquisite style that expresses your uniqueness with great amethyst jewelry.
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