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Subscribe to Fashion is an online womens’ fashion ecommerce website that features emerging designers and niche brands from Jacksonville FL, Chicago, IL and cities around the world. If you want to buy and sell the latest trends in handmade clothing, Subscribe to Fashion is unlike any other platform out there. We unite the best independent designers under one brand, offering them ability to share ideas and collaborate. We won’t overcrowd the platform so that every designer can stand out. We help you get the tools you need, SEO experts, social media marketing training, PR support.

If you here to shop and you aren’t familiar with any of our designers, you can shop by your favorite style.  Our designs are curated by some of the most talented in the fashion industry.

Each boutique has a distinctive style and each designer has a story to tell with their collection. The site is a destination that gives emerging and niche designers their “Defining Moment” allowing them to showcase their one of a kind womens fashion designs.

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